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Suzuki Burgman News

Suzuki Burgman a perfect compromise - Suzuki Burgman News

I'VE quite possibly discovered the perfect scooter - and it’s learner legal.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been tearing about on the Suzuki Burgman 125 – a little gem of a twist-and-go with the build quality of a maxi-scooter and the low running costs of a 125.

So why is it so great? Let's start with the obvious. The Burgman looks high class, its sleek and substantial bodywork giving it stacks of road presence.

The chassis has a high-end finish with a deep, luxurious metallic paint. The Burgman doesn't merely look bigger than a 125, it also gets the impressive storage capacity of a maxi-scooter.

The lockable front cubby hole is almost redundant there’s so much space under the seat where I manage to fit my full-faced helmet, jacket and strappy sandals, and there’s still space for some shopping. And stored items will never stink as the flap-secured petrol cap is located on the outside.

Performance is also in the realms of maxi-scooter. The 125cc engine is smooth with instant throttle pick-up.

Good acceleration makes overtaking safe and it quickly builds to 70mph. I ventured two-up on the Burgman to Norfolk on that recent hot weekend we enjoyed, and what an easy journey that was.

I started off pillion and was well catered for, with integrated grab rails and plush seat. The back seat’s a little too wide though to stay comfortable over long distances, but there’s no such problem for the rider who travels like very comfortable royalty.

It looks like we're now paying for sunshine weekend; the weather's been dire ever since. But the protective fairing deflects the worst of it, and tuck under the screen and the world goes quiet even in a gale.

Despite the sturdy build, the Burgman’s super-light, which makes it easy to manoeuvre at a standstill, or to haul off the centre stand. There's a side stand too for the sake of convenience.

Many 125cc scooters feel unstable at motorway speeds, but not the Burgman. It feels planted and secure in a straight line with the throttle wound to the stop.

It's so agile it slices through rush hour jams and it's a hoot round corners, the high quality suspension soaking up our horrific potholes while keeping things composed.

And it’s not over yet. The outstanding disc brakes are linked so if you slam on the rear brake, a sensor will operate the front brake too, optimising stopping performance. This is a sophisticated safety feature you don't expect on a 125cc.

The handsome dash offers all the indispensable information including fuel gauge, and a digital clock letting you know if you're late for that meeting – fat chance with the swift and nimble Burgman.

The key operates a flap that covers the ignition when it's parked to discourage thieves.

Maybe there's one tiny glitch in this scooter’s perfection, apart from the silly name that reminds me of burgervans. And that's the £3,320 price. That's expensive for a 125 scooter. Or is it?

This is no flimsy twist-and-go. Suzuki’s Burgman 125 is a serious piece of kit that’s protective, safe and powerful enough to breeze those motorway commutes.

The Burgman will be the most valuable method of transport you'll ever own, letting you run errands at both ends of the city in the worst of the rush hour. It’ll save you so much time, and money – it’s as cheap and cheerful to maintain as any 125cc scooter.



Suzuki's Burgman 125

Price: £3,320

Engine: four-stroke, liquid-cooled, fuel injected 125cc

Performance: 9.1kW@ 9,000rpm, 10,8Nm@7,200

Max speed: 70mph

Seat height: 735mm

Tank capacity: 11 litres

Weight: 148kg

Author: Harriet Ridley